Hebit, the trash cans lift, from € 1,998 with a custom cover

He stands out horizontally with stone slabs, wood, mulch, Bench, flower pots or other decoration. The cover is made of galvanized steel plate with a raised edge of 50mm, which receives the customer's requested covering.

Fret no more about your garbage cans and dumpsters missing trim.

Hebit , the electric lift garbage cans, dumpsters can, but ect bicycles, their garden grill, umbrellas. just disappear into the ground. The Hebit is let into the ground. That means your garbage cans are "swallowed by the earth."

The Hebit is supplied ready for connection, is cheap, good and safe. Just dig a hole and insert the Hebit with its stable double-walled steel housing.

The Hebit is available in all sizes and designs available according to your needs, even as a kit for site created pits, eg concrete.

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